Reviews and Testimonies

Guitar Lessons    5*

Elizabeth S.'s review on Jul 25, 2020

My Daughter has Guitar lessons with Jon, now online . She loves her lessons, John works on technical stuff but through music she chooses and wants to play.

Guitar Lessons    5*

Keith J.'s review on Jul 16, 2020

Jon is a first rate teacher of the guitar. He puts people at ease and finds out what your aims are. Regardless if you are a beginner, hobbyist, amateur or semi professional Jon's tuition will guarantee you will make progress. You have to put in the practice time of course but he always encourages you in this regard. Over the years I've had tuition from several tutors but Jon is easily the best. He has also played in bands which is something I looked for when looking for a teacher in 2012. He has my firm recommendation.

Guitar Lessons   5*

Steven J.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

John is a very capable teacher analysing what is needed and gently nudging you along to get better, while taking note of your interests and getting you along the track with minimum fuss. The range of what he can play is excellent and means that there is no limit to what he can pass on. As an older player who lacks the drive of youth and the time to invest in getting better he understands and takes it at a pace with great patience.

Gordon h.'s review on Jul 13, 2020  4*


Guitar Lessons    5*

Jim R.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

Jon taught me to play guitar. I have enjoyed every lesson. We have fun. He explains things so that I can understand them and he is encouraging and patient. He is dependable and enthusiastic. And he is an excellent guitarist! He got me to the standard where I could play half a dozen songs at a Christmas party - so he must be good! Recommended.

Guitar Lessons   5*

Lucy S.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

My son really enjoys his guitar lessons with Jon. Jon is very friendly and has a great manner, he is super knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in advising us on buying a guitar, making sure we didn't spend more than we needed to. He encourages his students to choose their own learning path, so that they are fully engaged with what they are doing. My son loved that he was able to start learning rock songs from the word go! Online lessons have worked brilliantly during COVID restrictions. Lesson charges are very reasonable.

Guitar Lessons   5*

Nicola J.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

jon is an AMAZING guitar teacher he has taught my son since he was 6 years old he is now 18. jon encourages students both young and old to learn music by playing the music they love. jon has consitantly supported, encouraged, mentored my son and provided exra opportunities to get up onstage to perform. jon infused my son so much that my son now plays guitar, sax and banjo and plays in 2 young local bands. I can't recommend jons guitar teaching skill enough.

Guitar Lessons   5*

Geoff P.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

I have been having weekly lessons with Jon for a couple of years until Covid lockdown put paid to that. I will restart as soon as possible! Jon is a great teacher, he listens to what I say, he tailors the tuition to my me, he is very friendly and we have a good time together, he is very patient with me, as an elderly learner I cannot be easy! He is professional yet friendly and an excellent guitarist and an excellent teacher.

Guitar Lessons   5*

G T.'s review on Jul 13, 2020

Jon is a great guitar teacher and an inspiration for his pupils. He has a relaxed, engaged open-minded approach - great for the young and beginners